Benvenuti a LiverpolItalia!

The idea of Liverpolitalia is the formation and formal constitution of an organisation which seeks to bring together the relatives and associates of all Italian immigrants who came to the city of Liverpool from the 19th century onwards to celebrate both their English nationality and their Italian origins.

Liverpolitalia, originally called “I Figli d’Italia” (Children of Italy) had its first meeting first meeting was on 21st June 2007 and the group went from strength to strength at subsequent meetings. The organization is pledged to provide a focus and forum for the sharing and celebration of collective and individual perspectives on the nature of Liverpool-Italian cultural identity.

The Honorary President of our organisation is Cavaliere Mario Bordi, restrauteur and founder of the Casa Italia in Stanley Street. Its main organiser is Gerry Murphy, teacher of Italian, writer and musician aided by, and representing the business community, Peter Wilson. Representing Liverpolitalia on Radio Merseyside is local historian and descendant of the Volante and D'Annunzio families, Frank Carlyle.

The Organisation
The organisation is open to all who possess Italian relatives of any sort, who are interested in their Liverpool-Italian heritage and in developing contacts with others of similar generations in the U.K., the U.S.A. and Ireland as well as Italy itself. We positively welcome new members and actively encourage anyone with a genuine interest in our objectives to contact us.

Come And Join Us

Are you Italian or a relative of Italian immigrants residing in or visting Liverpool?

Would you like the chance to meet old friends from the former Little Italy community (Gerard St area)?

Are you non-Italian but have a passion for all things Italian?

Interested in Italian language, cooking, travel, culture, music?

If so why not enquire about our forthcoming events? Registration for membership is now open.

Out Now 'Liverpool’s Italian Families'
by Debra D'Annunzio

New book 'Liverpool’s Italian Families' by Debra D'Annunzio

Liverpolitalia wishes to thank Management and staff of La Casa Italia of Stanley Street, Liverpool, for their hospitality and support in hosting the organisation’s meetings in 2007 and European Capital of Culture year 2008
Casa Italia Restraunt

Here's something for Italian speakers!

by Gerry Murphy

Our thanks also go to the Sylvestrian Club in Sylvester St, Liverpool for their help.    

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